Nine to Five

I wrote this Poem whilst working on the shop floor for a high street clothing company. It was at a time I really needed the work but for most of my time there I undervalued what I did and felt very little gratitude for my position. For someone continually creating, the work was mind numbing. I would do the same things each day; stocking clothes, selling clothes, re stocking clothes, selling clothes again and I easily became frustrated, feeling contained and restricted by my work and would resent it as I went to and from the shop. Thankfully I took some time, (during the process of folding T Shirts in the particular manner that fulfilled the companies standards) to reflect on not only what I was doing,  the way it made me feel but more importantly the way that I was approaching it.

Somewhere between one shop floor replenishment and another I had begun to curse what was a blessing. I allowed myself to be defined by what I did rather then person I was. I limited my creativity to a context and my inner joy to a circumstance. I learnt that my angst and frustration had little to do with my work (I'm grateful for that job now) and nearly everything to do with how I approached it. 

 I literally wrote the poem whilst checking that hoodies had been displayed in the correct size order. It's a reflection on how quickly I became defined by what I did, rather then who I was and tries to ask some questions about how we allow that to happen.

Shout out to everyone who worked there with me, I made some incredible friends who walked much more wisdom and grace then I did!